Thickening hair seems to be a mysterious wonder and can it work?

There are numerous claims about thickening hair and as it is fundamentally in our nature to want strong hair to feel great. But we can be easily misled with many claims and ideas. Genuine information on the facts is the best starting point for us to feel more confident about our purchases and actions. 

In the United States, sales of beauty and cosmetic products alone modestly exceed $30 billion per year. What women fail to realize when they whip out their wallets is that they are investing their money and faith in an industry that is barely regulated. Unlike food or medication, the FDA does not perform any pre-market tests to verify claims of beauty product abilities. That a product is available does not attest to anything. Even when products are useless, the FDA has no power to force companies to recall them. So if a woman spends $30 for the promises written on a hair thickening product, her best security is her receipt.

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  1. Aika

    Great post! This is why we should always be our own advocate when it comes to our health. We should always get second, third, and fourth opinions and do our own research.

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